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New York
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Slip your stroller into a Metro Stroller Slip® and protect your home and family without compromising home décor.

I live in New York City with my husband and two children. The idea for the Metro Stroller Slip® came out of frustration with our strollers. We live in an apartment and have limited space so we leave them out in our living area. Typically, they are propped against a wall, stashed in a corner, or up against furniture. If we need them out of the way we put them on our balcony.

I am a former health teacher and have always been uneasy with leaving the strollers out, especially around our children. Numerous studies have shown how shoes track dirt and germs into your home, strollers track in just as much. I constantly wiped marks off of walls and furniture, and became uneasy when our children would play with the wheels.

The solution I came up with is the Metro Stroller Slip® . I designed the slips with my favorite strollers in mind. The fabrics have been chosen for their durability and looks, and the packaging can be easily reused. Our strollers still share the same living space but now they are covered. They look great and our children, walls and furniture are protected from the dirty wheels.

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Ann Nioche

Ann Nioche
Owner, Just Hanging Around, Inc.

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